Dice with letters

Disney, 6 sides. Size 12 mm, plastic.
Issued together with a copy of the Swedish Donald Duck magazine. ... Read More Read Less
Alga, 6 sides. Size 16 mm, wood.
Special dice for the Swedish children's game Ordlek. ... Read More Read Less
unknown, 6 sides. Size 18 mm, plastic.
Labeled IEOUYA, SJHAKM, CNÄVET, RSABFG, PÅXDÖT and RNEL--. ... Read More Read Less
OLW, 6 sides. Size 15 mm, plastic.
Complete game ”Ordfejden”, advertising for a Swedish potato chip company. ... Read More Read Less
unknown, 20 sides. Size 20 mm, plastic.
Lettered ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPRSTV. ... Read More Read Less
Badali Jewelry, 24 sides. Size 10 mm, silver.
Each side of this die has a letter from the futhark, the Norse rune alphabet. ... Read More Read Less
Koplow, 30 sides. Size 26 mm, plastic.
Lettered ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ plus three sides with WILD and one with VOWEL. ... Read More Read Less
Koplow, 30 sides. Size 32 mm, plastic.
Lettered AEIOU (in red), Y (in purple), BCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXZ (in blue), plus four sides with WILD. ... Read More Read Less