Dice made of silver

Dream Design, 6 sides. Size 5 mm, silver.
unknown, 6 sides. Size 16 mm, silver.
The dice have two hallmark stamps on the 6 side: one reading 925 (sterling silver) and one I can't read. ... Read More Read Less
unknown, 6 sides. Size 11 mm, silver.
The die has a number of hallmark stamps on the 1 side. One reading ”SGP” (which I think identifies the maker), one which is difficult to read, possibly a curly ”A”, one ”925” (sterling silver), one ”cat's paw” (three crowns) and one ”S” (for Sweden). ... Read More Read Less
Badali Jewelry, 24 sides. Size 10 mm, silver.
Each side of this die has a letter from the futhark, the Norse rune alphabet. ... Read More Read Less