Dice from Germany

Haba, 3 sides. Size 18 mm, wood.
This is from the game Schleckermaul. ... Read More Read Less
unknown, 6 sides. Size 24 mm, amber.
According to the seller, this amber die is German and from the 1950s or 1960s. ... Read More Read Less
Available for trade.
unknown, 6 sides. Size 10 mm, plastic.
This set of dice is made in West Germany according to a stamp in the packaging reading ”W. Germany Berendsohn”, but the advertising on the packaging is for a Swedish car wrecking company. The set consists of 6 small dice inside a plastic top hat with the text ”Ha en trevlig kväll! BILDEMO” (Have a nice night). The hat is made to work as a cork for a champagne bottle. The hat in its turn is packaged in a cardboard bod made to look like a die (with usage instructions on the 1 side). ... Read More Read Less
MacGregor Historic Games, 6 sides. Size 27 mm, plastic.
This is a replica set of lord and lady dice. The original is German. ... Read More Read Less
Kosmos, 6 sides. Size 16 mm, wood.
Special dice for The Settlers of Catan: The Dice Game. All the dice are identical. ... Read More Read Less
Weible Spiel, 20 sides. Size 20 mm, plastic.
unknown, 26 sides. Size 39 mm, serpentine stone.
This die is probably made in the 19th or early 20th century in a factory in Zöblitz, a Saxon town in the Erz Mountains. It is said that only later dice were produced with golden letters. The lettered sides are for a put-and-take game: ”Trink aus” [for adults] or ”Tritt aus” [for children] (you're out), ”Setze zu” (add one), ”Nimm halb” (take half), ”Nimm Deines” (take your share), ”Lass stehen” (pass), ”Nimm ganz” (take all). ... Read More Read Less