Dice with configuration LH63v

unknown, 6 sides. Size 7 mm, bone.
The 4 pips are red and the 2 pips are straight. The 1 side has no pip at all, but instead a slight depression over the entire side. The pips are hollowed out and filled in with some other material. I think these are Chinese; apparently they sometimes made dice with non-painted 1 pips before. The set (including the box) may originate from a Mah-Jong set from the 1920s or 1930s. ... Read More Read Less
unknown, 6 sides. Size 15 mm, eraser. The 2 pips are straight. Available for trade.
unknown, 6 sides. Size 9 mm, plastic.
An Asian-style die with a large 1 pip, but unusually it is black and not red (as is the 4). ... Read More Read Less
Available for trade.