26-sided dice

Gamescience, 26 sides. Size 32 mm, rubber.
Gamescience 26-sided bouncing gem game designing die. The die is blank, but stickers (also blank) for the sides are included. ... Read More Read Less
Available for trade.
unknown, 26 sides. Size 39 mm, serpentine stone.
This die is probably made in the 19th or early 20th century in a factory in Zöblitz, a Saxon town in the Erz Mountains. It is said that only later dice were produced with golden letters. The lettered sides are for a put-and-take game: ”Trink aus” [for adults] or ”Tritt aus” [for children] (you're out), ”Setze zu” (add one), ”Nimm halb” (take half), ”Nimm Deines” (take your share), ”Lass stehen” (pass), ”Nimm ganz” (take all). ... Read More Read Less